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Every WoW gamer loves to have a huge stack of gold but with even more gold sellers than ever its tough to farm enough gold to get by. I’ve thrown out 12 of my best wow gold tips to help crush gold selling companies and get you, the player, as much gold as you need. You’ll never be forced to buy gold again.
A Dozen Gold Tips for Every Level
1. Loot Everything – Perhaps the most costly mistake in WoW is to leave loot on a corpse. Please take the few seconds to loot your kills.Click Gold from this website.
2. A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned- Try to avoid unnecessary purchases when saving for a big ticket item such as a new mount or gear set.
3. Set Goals- Did you know that in a Harvard study of graduates only 3% of those grads set clear goals? 25 years later they researchers checked in on those students and found that the 3% who set goals made more money than the other 97% combined! Set clear and defined goals for your savings and you will find your gold stack increasing at an enormous rate.
4. Make Note of AH Prices- So many people rely solely on mods to keep track of auction house prices but this is a mistake. If you are planning on making any serious gold you need to have at least a general idea of your server’s economy which means knowing AH prices by heart.
5. Buy mats whenever possible- A smart player will know exactly what times to sell their goods meaning they can overprice them. For example, how much have you paid for flasks when its raid time and you are all out? Make sure to stock up on your own mats and flasks beforehand to save a bundle.
6. Pick a Profession- A lot of players like to go after crafting professions and there isn’t anything wrong with that. I personally have crafters in my own army of toons but to start with nothing beats gathering. When first starting out I recommend mining and skinning but once you level to 80 its a good idea to pick up mining and herbalism. Not much can compare to flying around Northrend with endless supplies of ore and herbs at your feet.
7. Take Notes – Even with the right tools its important that you know your market. I like to keep notes of items I am thinking about selling or reselling. Its a good idea to track those items for 3-5 days before making any large purchases. Too many times auctioneer has told me I was getting a deal only for me to lose gold in the long run. Just because auctioneer states an item is selling for 60% doesn’t mean you are going to make a single copper. BE CAREFUL of relying on mods TOO much.
8. Time is Money- Anything you can do to save yourself time adds to your ability to make more gold. A couple easy ways you can do this is to create macros when selling in trade. There is no reason to type out an entire paragraph every time you attempt to sell an item. The second thing is steer clear of buying and selling items other than trade goods. Yes, you can make a few bucks once in a while this way but its not worth the time you have to spend in trade to move them. Stick to items you can move quick or sell in the Auction House.
9. Fishing- Probably the easiest but most boring profession in WoW fishing can be an amazing headache but if you have what it takes to stick it out you can make a small fortune hanging around Dalaran. If you spend a little time fishing in Dalaran just outside Violet Hold you can fish up a few rusty prison keys. The keys open up a lockbox nearby with blues inside that are worth quite the sum of gold.
10. Create Your Army- If you play it right you can have an army of alts in all the right places to make tons of gold. I recommend having at least 2 bank alts per faction per server you play on. The first alt should always be parked in a capital city waiting for mail from you main to sell on the Auction House. The second alt should be parked at a neutral auction house waiting to snatch good cross faction trades.
11.Farm Lowbie Dungeons- If you have an 80 and want to make some quick cash take a few quick runs through low level instances such as stockades or Deadmines. Not only can you collect some good twink loot you can resell for huge profits but there are nice vanity pets that drop from Deadmines that go for as much as 80g each on some servers.
12. Limited Item Vendors- With Wrath of the Lich King a whole new array of limited item vendors have been added in game. These vendors sell items that are usually available on preset timers i.e. some items may only be available one every four hours. These items can be resold on the Auction House for huge profits.
It is my sincere hope you take these wow gold tips and make the very best of them. With any luck you’ll never be broke again and if you really work at it you might even have the chopper in the next few weeks!