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Restaurant Job

Your restaurant can be in only so good a location, and your food can only be so good. But is there any limit to how great your service can be? This is the people factor, and it will set you apart from the rest of the pack like no other. No matter how fantastic your service is, you can always use a pointer or two to improve.

People may visit a restaurant once if they hear the food is good, but most customers won’t return if the service is lacking. It seems that in the latest studies, in far too many restaurants, the quality of service lags far behind the quality of food. Industry statistics for last year show some 72% of complaints by diners responding to the survey were service-related. Service is the weak link that will break your business.
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Paying attention to your surroundings offers opportunities for advancement. Just stepping in to pick up the phone and properly take a message might save a customer relationship and bring positive attention. Understanding, what your employer does and what happens there every day, enables you to have the information you need to advance yourself in that workplace. It will also offer you the chance to show your potential. You may be just a delivery person right now. But if you are the delivery person who remembers everything they need for that big presentation, you may be seen as someone who genuinely cares about the company and maybe someone to hire full time preparing presentations and proposals.

In every business and every working situation, there is the boss. The daily lives of bosses are sometimes filled with problems and hassles. Become the person who makes the boss’s problems go away. Bosses tend to find creative uses for such people; we call that full time employment. If you are an earnest hard-working person, who is genuinely trying to get ahead, bosses often respect your efforts. Building a good, working relationship is completely worthwhile. Often the boss knows when there may be a need for a position. Impressing your boss, even in a part-time job can yield dividends.

The real stars of the service industry are people who have a strong drive to please others. During an interview, you might try figuring out ways to discover whether the candidate is someone who wants to take care of others. A service-oriented person is upbeat and eager to help. They make you feel warm and comfortable just talking to them. Of course, maybe they don’t want to stay in your restaurant forever until they retire; it’s fine to have career ambitions or to be working your way through college. But at the very least, the candidates should have an attitude that while they’re with you, they are servers and nothing else – and that it’s something to be proud about